George’s Tile Service Site Launch

This was a fun site to publish since all we had to do is set up a Weebly account and sit back and relax while the client did all the work. Bryan Pullara of George’s Tile Service did a great job designing the site and writing the content. After he built the pages and added the images and videos, all we had to do is Search Engine Optimization and a little style sheet work. Gotta hand it to Weebly for creating such a nice system and providing so much for free. A pro account was not even necessary. Have a look at the site using this link:

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Impression Masters Site Redesigned and Launched

Impression Masters Videography wanted a fresh new look for their web site. Here is the finished site which uses the parallax scrolling effect on the background to give it a bit of a 3d feel. This site has a lot of SEO features such as keyword placement in the largest headings and a lot of YouTube videos. See the effect in action by visiting the site from this link:

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Best Shot Stock Footage Site Launched

Here is the finished site for Best Shot Stock Footage. With soothing colors and a beautiful high definition backdrop, and some cool animation for the header. The video widgets load and play FLV files with real-time compositing to make them look like chicklets. Flash does a remarkable job with real-time compositing of video. Also featuring a searchable video database using the YouTube API. Visit the site using this link:

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Community Fun and Fitness Center Classes and Programs Website web site web site web site

The site has been completely redone in WordPress so we can take advantage of all the SEO features and CMS features of WordPress 3.0.  The Atahualpa theme has again proven flexible enough to handle anything I can dream up. We have a nice slider on the front page (Smooth Slider plugin) where new donation based classes can be promoted. Google bot reads the content promoted in the slider so people can usually find the classes in the search engine the same day they are posted.

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3d Modeling Lesson Plan: Day 1

Lesson 1 Titles
Lesson 1 Titles
We will go through these lessons step by step on our first day of class.

To help students keep up with what will be a very fast paced class I created a wiki and some slide shows using Google docs. Currently it shows what I hope to cover on the first day. We’ll learn several methods of modeling a simple house in order to show how the same task can be accomplished in many different ways.

Lesson 1 complete building
building maker Lesson 1 completed building

Beginner Modeling Class Plan Day 1 (Wiki)

Google SketchUp Slides for Day 1 (Slide show)

Google building maker Slides for Day 1 (Slide show)

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New class: Learn Google Building Maker and Google SketchUp for Beginners

3d model of CFnFC
3d model in progress of CFnFC created in SketchUp

I’m teaching a new class at Community Fun and Fitness Center for beginner 3d modelers. We will be learning Google SketchUp, a very accessible 3d modeling package especially suited for geo-modeling and low poly-count modeling of structures and items for games. We will also be learning Google building maker, an online application for adding buildings to Google Earth.

Our focus during this beginner oriented class will be getting some buildings of our own accepted into Google Earth. We will learn create accurate models of houses and upload our own house (textured with our own photos) to Google Earth for the world to see.

The class plan so far has been posted on my private wiki (look under classes).

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“Serial Thrillers” Site (re)Launch

Serial Thrillers Web Site Screenshot

Serial Thrillers Web Site ScreenshotI’m excited the new WordPress conversion is finally ready and the site has been published!

Serial Thrillers Home

Not only that but Serial Thrillers has a hit single breaking through nation wide!

Listen to the song “So Beautiful” here (and it really is a beautiful track):

Many site upgrades still on the way for Serial Thrillers, such as a better Photo and Video section, better player for the Music page, etc…

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