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The site has been completely redone in WordPress so we can take advantage of all the SEO features and CMS features of WordPress 3.0.  The Atahualpa theme has again proven flexible enough to handle anything I can dream up. We have a nice slider on the front page (Smooth Slider plugin) where new donation based classes can be promoted. Google bot reads the content promoted in the slider so people can usually find the classes in the search engine the same day they are posted.

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This is an ongoing and very large scale project involving touch screen kiosks and a very unique way of running a donation based community center.

Currently the system is up and running and the center has been using it for 6 months. Community Fun and Fitness Center members use the system to check in, track their attendance and earn credits to advance their rank in their martial arts classes. Classes are run by donation and the system tracks all of it, automatically generating payments for the teachers and allowing members to store donation credits for easy check-in.

Reporting features allow management to view attendance and donations and see which classes are doing the best.

The system will soon be linked to the web site (also created by Immersive Publishing, Inc) so new classes will automatically be promoted on the front page and schedules will automatically update. There will also be a member area where members can view their attendance and donation history.

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