New class: Learn Google Building Maker and Google SketchUp for Beginners

3d model of CFnFC
3d model in progress of CFnFC created in SketchUp

I’m teaching a new class at Community Fun and Fitness Center for beginner 3d modelers. We will be learning Google SketchUp, a very accessible 3d modeling package especially suited for geo-modeling and low poly-count modeling of structures and items for games. We will also be learning Google building maker, an online application for adding buildings to Google Earth.

Our focus during this beginner oriented class will be getting some buildings of our own accepted into Google Earth. We will learn create accurate models of houses and upload our own house (textured with our own photos) to Google Earth for the world to see.

The class plan so far has been posted on my private wiki (look under classes).

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3d Stereo Video: How Does it Work?

3D Video Rig
3D Video Rig (Canon Optura 300s with 2 inches optical separation)

Here is an old article I posted that is becoming more relevant as all the new 3d TV’s and video games and 3D BluRay’s hit the market. Yes!!!

The Short Version

I have a pair of cameras mounted side-by-side and connected so they can be triggered simultaneously. This results in two nearly identical photos, taken from a few inches apart. I merge the two photos using a special color formula, so that when viewed through the glasses, the left eye can only see the photo from the left camera while the right eye can only see the photo from the right camera. This provides your eyes with the illusion of actually “being there”. Your brain does the rest!

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